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Cairns Leading Automated and Technician Mediterranean Spraytan Spa.Teeth Whitening, Vibration Training, Cellulite Reduction, Infrared Sauna, Vibrogym,Sauna Infrared, LED Skin Light Therapy. Athlete Recovery. Ph: 0439940591. 8am to 8pm.

Combined Training

Our Health & Fitness Workout Tools:  Advanced Body Solutions 




(1)  Praxtour Interactive Cardio:  The Interactive and fun way to burn calories and achieve your goals.  No more boring cardio machines - our courses for all ability levels will take you on a journey into other countries for the ultimate in stimulation and drive.  Feel like you are riding for real on the latest technology designed to challenge you.  



 (2)  Vibrogym Acceleration Training:  The full body workout. Dont confuse with domestic china made versions you may have seen at home shows, these Commercial Units were used by Nasa for Space training and have the power to make your workout 50 times more effective than conventional exercise for the ultimate fast one hour workout in only 30 minutes to tone, firm, tighten, strengthen & stretch you into the ultimate body without making you look bulky.







(3)  A.B.S Device:   Get a flat stomach using our A.B.S device, a new piece of equipment which we promise to make sit ups easier, more effective and more enjoyable.  This ab workout is guaranteed to crunch your abs not your neck and is used for weight work during all our workouts. 


 (4)  Cellulite Reduction:  Break open the cellulite cells and allow them to spill into the intercellular fluid with our 10 minute cellulite breakdown treatment done at the end of your session.  Also prevents leg pain and is deep penetrating for after workout relief.




(5)   Infrared Detoxification: 

Sweat out toxins, burn over 700 calories and eliminate body pain by relaxing in our Infrared Pod for 30 minutes.  Also encourages Cellulite Cells broken down in workout to exit the system.  Weight Loss Motivation can also be played in internal sound system.



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