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About Us!

About Us!  Advanced Body Solutions Health & Fitness

Collin Kerr has been a Professional Fitness Trainer , Weight Loss Therapist and been in the health & beauty industries for over 15 years working with a large variety of clients in Australia and New Zealand.  In the early 2000s Collin combined his interests and created his background in Weight Loss Therapy, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Acceleration Training & Cellulite Reduction to create the ultimate weight loss and toning programme based on the Maximum benefit- minimum time concept accelerating results and keeping peoples exercise time at a minimum to ensure that they were enjoying life outdoors and not always at the health studio.

 Today, Collin is a private trainer, lifestyle coach, weight loss therapist and weight loss hypnotist to many clients in the Far North.

He has also recently started the new A.B.S programme - an effective AB programme to help people especially mothers after birth to target their core muscles in their exercise working them 50 times harder than the regular gym, using an alignment technique that doesn't allow for potentially hazardous over compensation with neck and back muscles.

All Collins sessions have been designed after personal experience.

(1)   More interesting interactive cardio to stay stimulated especially in the wet season when you cannot exercise outside.  Collin himself found regular cardio too boring after repetitive sessions.  The Praxtour bikes were the answer with Virtureal technology aimed at pushing clients to the extend of their ability level in a fun and comfortable private environment.  Personalised tracks in different worldwide courses ensures stimulation and effort.

(2)  Fast and effective firming and toning with Maximum Benefit in Minimum time - Firming, toning and strengthening without heavy bulking and using the AB device to eliminate strain on the spine and neck.  

"Very important to tighten the skin whilst losing weight to keep firm and tight".

(3)  Cellulite Reduction deep penetrating massage after each session to break open the fat cells and warm down the muscles.

(4)  Infrared Sauna as seen on Dr Oz and Oprah the new way to burn over 700 calories and detoxify in one session while you just read.


Collin is available for sessions for : Acceleration Training, Cellulite Reduction, toning/firming, Children/teenager weight loss/fitness, post pregnancy core muscle activivation, Ab Workouts, weight loss, cycling/skiing/golf training, 12 week challenges, Post exercise Injury Prevention, Bone Density fitness, Lactic Acid Elimination and Eating Plans.

Collin Is comfortable,  non - judgemental, open minded and has battled his own body demons losing an incredible 17 kg himself to be a true life testimonial. 

Our studio is PRIVATE and  the most comfortable experience ever.  No horrible mirrors, not hundreds of people walking around posing.  There are usually only 2 people in the studio at once and all our clients are visiting us for the same they understand what its like being a "new-bee" when starting exercise.

Friendly chit chat and a laugh are shared during sessions to ensure that its an enjoyable experience. 

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