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Cairns Leading Automated and Technician Mediterranean Spraytan Spa.Teeth Whitening, Vibration Training, Cellulite Reduction, Infrared Sauna, Vibrogym,Sauna Infrared, LED Skin Light Therapy. Athlete Recovery. Ph: 0439940591. 8am to 8pm.

Pale to Tanned in only 4 Minutes
Technician or in Privacy - Pura Sunless Automated Booth 
Feeling Sluggish - Why not try our Infrared Sauna for Detoxification.

"Our Tanning Experts will recommend the appropiate colour for your Skin Type so you look perfect - No Orange Tans here.

Our State of the Art Pura Sunless Automated Booths or Experienced Technician will tan you in Complete Privacy and Luxury.  

Rest assured you can leave us with complete confidence.

After all we have been doing tans for over 16 Years.

Add us on Facebook to see our Reviews.  4.9 out of 5 overall.

"Great Tan! Great Place! Great Prices! Great Customer Service! 

100 % Recommended".

RECEIVE $10 DISCOUNT if book and prepay for another Tan within 7 days.*

With over 16 Years Experience our goal has been to provide Cairns very best Technician & Private - Automated Tanning Spa with Superior Pura Sunless Booths, experienced staff, various Colour options & discreet location for clients to come and go.


Our Service caters for both Men & Woman, all Skin types & Colours and we specialize in looking after "shy clients" as our booths allow you to have a spraytan in complete privacy - thats right  "NO ONE SEES YOU NAKED".  

After a Sunless Tanning Booth Session with us you will completely confident of a quality result as our experience will allow us to look after you for your special occasion. 

We cater for all Skin Types from extremely Fair Skin to Olive ensuring an appropriate tanning result to match your skin.

Our Tanning formulations also allow clients to leave their spray tan on for only 1 hour not 8 before showering and enjoying a 7-10 day Sunless, beautiful tan.

If feeling sluggish why not try a session in our Infrared Sauna Hotbox to Detoxify.  Ideal to book when your tan is past its used by date and ready for removal.  Naturally exfoliate your tan off whilst enjoying a full body Detox session.

We offer top of the line equipment, products and service in a down to earth home Business environment.  Our discreet Clinic is conveniently located in Aeroglen near Cairns International & Domestic Airports. 

For our customers we provide off street parking unmetered .  No long walks to your car and no embarrassing salon departures.  On rainy days park inside our grounds .  Our services are By Appointment Only as we are a Home Based Business.  No Eftpos .  Change Available.

Pura Sunless Automated Booth:  Private Tanning - No one seeing you undressed.. for the shy client.

The Ultimate Automated Tanning Booth in the World.  The Pura Sunless Automated Sunless Tanning Booth from Pura is better by design and foolproof. From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass to seal the tan and Trinity Mist sprayers. Purely Sunless has features like no other to give you a sunless tan like no other. Plus, our automated booths offer clients the opportunity to tan without anyone seeing you undressed.  Ideal for the shy client.
Our Pura Booth has easy voice control to guide you through your tan and you only need to wait an hour before showering then your beautiful tan will last you 7 to 10 days.  See our Video below to see our booths in action.

PricingFull Body Pura Sunless Booth Tan: Violet Base 1 hr Development:  $35 No Eftpos. $10 Extra Double Coat . Change Available.
DISCOUNT - RECEIVE $10 DISCOUNT if book and prepay for another tan within 7 days.*

Click here to see our Pura Sunless Automated Booth in action.

Technician Custom Airbrush Tan

When you choose to have a fully customised tan with us, rest assured you are getting the very best Master Tan Technician.  With over 16 years experience our Gay Male Technician "The Tan Man" will not only provide you with a fabulous tan - you will also be comfortable while its completed.

Our technician is non judging and will customise your tan to accomodate all skin colours/types.

With many regular clients coming back week after week rest assured your comfort is our top priority.  Technician Tans are performed in a booth with extraction to ensure no fumes with warm blow drying afterwards.  If you are too shy for a technician why not try our Automated booth instead.

PricingFull Body Custom Technician Tans: Violet Base 1 hr Development:   $35 No Eftpos. $10 Extra Double Coat .  Change Available.  

DISCOUNT - RECEIVE $10 DISCOUNT if book and prepay for another tan within 7 days.*

Wedding Party Spraytans - Leave your special day tanning to experienced professionals and Pura Sunless

Wedding Parties are our speciality because of our experience in the industry.  We are aware of  the importance of  your special day.  We are highly experienced at tans for high focus events and have never had a bad feedback.  See our facebook page the quality work and high standards we have to ensure our clients look their very best.

With a Colour choice for  all skin types, our foolproof Automated booths we will ensure that your bridal party have quality Tans with colour that suits individual skin colours with "No Orange Colour".

PricingFull Body Pura Sunless Automated Wedding Tans: Violet Base 1 hr Development:   $35 No Eftpos. $10 Extra Double Coat .  Change Available. DISCOUNT - RECEIVE $10 DISCOUNT if book and prepay for another tan within 7 days.*

Infrared Sauna Hot Box:   Infrared Therapy service detoxifies inside and out

Unlike traditional and often uncomfortable sweat saunas, our infrared sauna produces the same heat generated by the sun without the sun’s detrimental effects. It’s the wave of the future in health and wellness.

Our Private Infrared Sauna Hot Box Service uses a type of low light energy called Infrared Therapy that penetrates two-to-three inches into joints, muscles and tissue. This elevates the condition of the skin and the immune system, enhances detoxification and metabolism. Put simply, Infrared Therapy promotes general health and well-being.

Don’t just take our word for it. Clinical studies show that   Infrared heat produces a radiance that can help not only with a sense of good health but also specifically improve function in the areas of detoxification, weight loss, skin improvement, depression, back pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. That’s just the inside stuff. Visual benefits include weight loss from a higher functioning metabolism and improved skin tone and texture.

PricingPrivate Infrared Sauna Session 30-45 Minutes: 

$25 Session only B.Y.O Towels.

$35 Session Towels and Shower Facility Provided

No Eftpos. Change Available. 

Infared Sauna even gets Dr. Oz and Oprah’s stamp of approval. Dr. Oz says the high temperature helps lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. “It gets your heart to beat faster, and it burns calories,” Dr. Oz says. “It raises your metabolism a little bit, and also when you sweat, you sweat out toxins through the skin.”

Consider what a body comes into contact every day, including chemical cleaners and pesticides from food. Each day our lungs take in particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and lead. That’s right. Lead. Don’t even ask what’s in our drinking water.

You get the idea. Help a body out.

A.B.S clients love Infrared Sauna - see our Facebook Page for our glowing reviews.

Conditions * To qualify for $10 discount on tans another appointment must be booked at appointment and paid for in full.